Having trouble finding the right person?  Need to ramp up quickly but want full time employees? Need to expand your search capabilities? 

We recognize this is a common problem for fast growing businesses and are here to help. At Sphinix we recognize that often times companies are looking for full-time employees, but don’t have the time or resources to identify the correct candidates in the right time frame. We find that often times, companies just want to know that the search is being handled by people that understand how to find the right person and are as rigorous in screening the candidates as the company themselves. This is why we provide direct hire services to locate, attract, and onboard the best candidates. 

Our recruiters are experts in placing permanent IT professionals within companies. We manage all aspects of the hiring process from pre-screening each candidate for skill-sets and cultural fit. If you need the process tailored to include coding challenges or technical tests we are happy to do as much of the heavy lifting as you require.  Our IT recruiters are extremely thorough with our screening process to ensure our clients find the right candidate, quickly.